aka Highway to MT
1995 -1997, 2017
by GK duBois

22 Poems and One short story, conceived and first drafted 1995 to 1997, revised and compiled into the current form 2017. This collection began as a mini-poetry zine of 7 poems stapled together printed on blue paper called “From Seat to Ceiling” composed during a return visit to Portland, Oregon in 1997. During that trip I spent half my time laid up on a friend’s couch looking at a lava lamp while recovering from a case of influenza. When I recovered, we accomplished some clandestine activity for Cicada Enterprises then went on a road trip in her boyfriend’s old BMW to the mountains and then the sea. The other works that round out PDX: ETC are from a slightly earlier era– from before and after I lived in PDX after college in 1995. Two works that belong here are not included– still awaiting a date with the editorial surgeon who can be a rascally curmudgeon: Umbra Penumbra and A Very Special Pig… PDX has the feel of another world for me, like stepping through the wardrobe. Another rhythm. Another landscape. There is also a strong nest of beloved family there– little alluded to here. The pictures are from a much later visit– 2019. These are of a piece, more a suite of songs, mood of moments, than an encyclopedia of discovery or relationship.

Full Downloadable PDF:
PDX: ETC aka Highway to MT