Terse Symphony:
The ONE Word Poems of Loud Josh

including The TALISMAN CYCLE

Collected & Edited with a Foreward by Professor Awing Peece

Praise for the First Edition

A work of sudden and sustained genius. 

–Anvil Forrester, The New New York Review

Terse Symphony is an elegant distillation of the essence of Loud’s work. Dr. Peece has extracted a masterpiece we will all be grateful for decades to come. 

–Collette DuBois, The Paris Reviewer

Terse Symphony is a score for a life awake to the subtle and grand in all of us.

–M. Mary Lewis, Coach and Founder of Liminal Inc.

This handcrafted continuum of previously published work and new selections is a brilliant choreography that shows the author at the height of his powers. Loud Josh is inimitable. 

–Brother Stafford Avery, Cannibals on the Ferry and Other City Tales

Sensitive. Vulnerable. Ecstatic.

–Merrill Stein, Founder, Twenty-Three Times

Loud & Peece have divined an ocean basin of fluidity from exquisitely concocted drops. By taking celestial aim, Loud bestowed us roots just as deep, and has opened consciousness so precisely as a neurotransmission of a nanosecond by an infinitesimal wavelength off an electron’s orbiting tail to bend each of our musculatures and minds toward the innate wonderment of time beating itself into our universal heart. Terse offers such riches that I haven’t really finished reading it—I’m ever-whelmed by ecstasies right back to beginning it again.  

 —C. Sage Doorley, There Is No Fig. ‘8’

I felt as if I wasn’t even reading. The words were coming off the page like sounds out of a speaker. 

–Abura Z, composer of The tZara Outtakes


–Brink Nielsen, author of Club Fascistland


Terse Symphony: The One Word Poems of Loud Josh

The extraordinary Loud Josh was a key performer and advisor in the early days of the Ransom Corp. He invented the one-word poem and performed them throughout New York and the world. These included “OX” (see below for an image from the original performance), “GRAZE” and “RICOCHET”, remarkable works of meditation, emotional clarity and transformation.

A Terse Symphony, edited by Awing Peece, is a compilation of his complete works, drawn from his four books including their prefaces and forewords, and a lucid telling of his life story as it deeply interpenetrates with his work. As this historicizing project neared completion, Loud Josh fell in love and testified as an eyewiteness against a global endangered species smuggler and mafia boss. He and his wife entered the witness relocation program and completely disappeared from their former life for over 20 years. The only communication: A seemingly cryptic series of messages to Awing Peece that revealed the extraordinary Talisman Cycle. World release, 2018. First Edition: 2 million copies printed & sold. 

And, now, a downloadable version:

Terse Symphony: The One Word Poems of Loud Josh