& B-Side Therapies
1997 – 2001, 2017
by GK duBois

18 works of prose, poetry, collage. A little biased on this one. The Mango Broadcasts are some of my personal favorites, created from cut-ups of Herald Tribunes traveling through southern Europe and fragments of all kinds (dreams, conversations, street signs, notebooks). Mixed and remixed into commando broadcasts that speak the moment in uncanny poetic veracity. The rest of the collection gathers this very NYC- Europe- NOLA punk and political moment into one cohesive volume. From the insides:  

About The Mango Broadcasts: These communiques were first broadcast on free radio networks throughout North and South America during the summer of 1998. We picked them up on the now defunct WJMZ, free radio Brooklyn. The voice is believed to be that of Agent mT, a code writer and strategist affiliated with Stunt Team International. Dr. Awing Peece of Harvard Institute for Holistic Political Science, with the help of his staff, translated the code from its original mix of English, Spanish, Arabic and Zulu. “It is likely, however,” says Dr. Peece, “That the particular juxtaposition of languages is a central component of the code.” These works are understood to be encrypted directives towards disparate bands of militants, activists, intellectuals and agents constructing and defending loopholes in the 1st society. Dr. Peece has conjectured that these broadcasts were connected to insurgencies in France, New York City and the Middle East during that summer and possibly influenced operatives in actions later that year. We have no confirmed information about Papaya, whether a person, group, location, part of the code or literary device. Only days before we were scheduled to go to print, we believed there had been no response from Papaya. However, outside researchers scanning newswires notified our sources about possible telegraph transmissions to a certain address just outside Vienna, Austria. On further investigation, two telegraphs (original in Morse code, combination German, Swahili, Chinese translated by Dr. Peece and staff) turned up in the P-file of cabinet 12 of Agent AMen’s headquarters and are included here in their dated sequence with the Broadcasts for further contextual decoding. We assume there are other telegraphs and will persist in our hunt for further directives.

About the B-Side Therapies including “A Carnival in the Underground,” “e in 8 parts,and “Theater of Destruction”:   A wholesome collection of remedies and ruminations, escapades, lewd and lucid encounters at turning points and before realizing the full significance of your circumstances.

Full Downloadable PDF:
The Mango Broadcasts & B-side Therapies