Cocktail Po-mmms
Volume 1: 108
Kingdoms of the Spontaneous
by GK duBois

Cocktail Napkins as a poet’s canvas. Volume 1: 108 Cocktail Poems, fragments, aphorisms, conversations culled from notebooks, encounters, dreams, overhearings, in short, the life of one poet/bartender in Manhattan’s downtown from 1998 to 2000. Cocktail Po-mmms explore and celebrate the cocktail napkin as a medium all their own, a magic world of pictographic and rhythmic jazz infused with the candor and mystery of manhattan nights. This batch gathered for circulation handwritten in black ink on cocktail napkin sized white card stock then handboxed in thin supple custom white cardboard.  As has been the case with many an art form, Cocktail Poems were borne in the night with a phone number scrawled in black ink on a cocktail napkin slipped across the bar.

A sampling in the gallery below. 

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