two journeys
two thousand two, two thousand three
first edition 2005, revised 2016
by GK duBois

A collection of 33 poems in four parts that chronicle two extended journeys to Asia including Burma, Thailand, India and Nepal in 2002 and 2003, edited in late 2004/early 2005 and again in 2016. I spent a great deal of these voyages on Buddhist retreats, both in groups and solo. In lieu of pictures that I did not take, these are my poem-photos of the inner and outer worlds at the time. Hotel Radiance was the name of an actual Hotel in Sikkim, India. The name captured for me the sense of temporary visits to new, fresh and revealing states of awareness that meditation and travel were bringing me. The cover was hand-drawn by libra ink genius Miss Deborah Yoon.

two journeys
two thousand two, two thousand three
hotels in the clouds, on the sea, under the earth
hotels in the eyes, on the lips, under the skin

For this book, I am indebted to Amanda Steurer, Daniel & Deborah Kuffner in New York, Ludmila & Linda in Santa Fe, Pat Fagan in Breckenridge, Diana Loveland in Denver, the noble Moostacas and John Tomaseski in Phoenix, Sean Clute, Pauline Jennings and Dena Bernmann in Oakland, Bisan Toron and Jellyfishsoul in the sea who offered their homes, their ears, reflections and support as these gradually found their way out of the notebook soil

Hotel Radiance: 4 Wings, 37 Rooms.

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****Pictures below from a return trip in 2009.****