The Dream of the Infinite Bike
(and other artifacts from The Continental Divide)
2002, revisions 2017
by GK duBois

A collection of 37 poems and 1 story (Alma Sutra) written mainly while living high in the Rockies (and in the summer high on ladders painting houses) in Breckenridge, Summit County, Colorado in 2001. I had gone from the cacophony and intensity of the culture & humanity in New York to the power and serenity of life in the mountains, albeit a resort town. I also went from creating art to learning meditation and T’ai Chi, going on my first retreats, hearing The Heart Sutra aka The Prajnaparamita, and learning to live in the wilds. These poems reflect a certain simplicity, a movement inward and a mix of living with heartbreak and hope. I kept a small notepad in my back pocket at all times– lines sudden arriving as seeds that turned into poems. During a dinner gathering in Colorado, a group of friends and I made a big batch of novelty covers. Here’s the one by Taylor Kuffner, which I like for its whimsy and sense of resoluteness of the imagination traveling a long road. Dedicated to my folks.

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The Dream of the Infinite Bike
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