13 Feasts of the 13th Day

Offerings to the Muses 
& Renewal of Vows

13 Feasts is a series of 13 unique feasts, each offered on the 13th day of the Lunar Calendar with 13 principle feast representatives. 
These feasts follow a unique liturgy, improvised off a general template to suite the particular setting, people, season, cuisine and whatever conditions are present or created for the event. The feasts are offerings on the inner, outer, secret and unfabricated levels to the awakened heart of creativity. Through this ritual of feasts, the attendees renew, restore or initiate vows to infuse their lives with creativity through it’s cycles and challenges. They propitiate and align in reciprocity and union with the sources of creativity. These feasts weave the great traditions of poetic salons with tantric ritual tsok (offerings) and religious high holidays in harmony with the waxing moon. Those who attend these feasts are representatives for the creativity of our species, all sentient beings and the lunar tides within and without. Each feast will be documented and the general liturgy will be made available.