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SUMMARY: Generate, Ink is GK duBois’ solo entrepreneur consulting and communications agency. This company name with web site (see copy below) was active from 2005 to 2016. GK continues to offer these same services on a freelance basis, most recently for Savaggi Newburgh. Backstory: GK began his NYC career at a massive corporate securities firm in their PR department. He considers his most essential training was as a PR agent with THE CREATIVE FACTORY in Portland, Oregon under the noble Jason Reynolds. At this small PR shop, dedicated to local businesses and advocacy groups, he was put into the fire, molded and mentored. These foundations and skills have served all projects from his creative projects to his services for others. Contact GK for more info: 


Generate, Ink


Need crisp, creative prose? Looking to dynamize a project or to go in a new direction? Ready to present to the world?

Generate, Ink offers creative consulting, coaching and editorial services to access, develop, refine and present your vision, your projects, your work to the world or to clarify your personal creative direction.

Generate, Ink will help you get to the heart of the matter and speak your vision to those you aim to have hear it.

Generate, Ink is the communications and consulting business of Geo K duBois. Geo has 20 years of diverse and dynamic presentation experience from immersive theater and public speaking to public relations, marketing, creative writing, running a performing arts company, and managing a healing arts business. 

Generate, Ink will bring your presentation materials–-your resume, artist portfolio, business plan, grant applications, web copy, scholarly work, and your presence-–to the highest level of effective expression.

In addition to writing and editing, Generate, Ink will:

  • Inspire and facilitate brainstorms to refresh and vitalize your projects;
  • Help you access and map your vision, mission and action plans;
  • Integrate your vision and mission into your materials in clear, creative ways;
  • Upgrade existing materials to reflect new directions or shifts in your personal or organization’s focus.
  • Coach you on presentation from public speaking to conferences to informal exchanges.


We offer four main, often interwoven, areas of service: Ink, Vision, Brainstorming and Collaboration.


Highly-individualized, crisp, creative prose & document production. We provide writing and editorial services for a vast wealth of projects that reflect your voice, vision and mission. These include:

-business plans
-artist statements, bios and portfolios
-press kits with interviews and articles
-thesis support
-web copy
-querry letters
-book reviews
-product descriptions
-press releases
-manifestos (a specialty!)

If you are needing something made of words, contact Generate, Ink.

2. Vision & Mission Coaching: The Heart of the Matter

Vision and mission work is involved in generating any authentic marketing materials. Clarity and harmony, at the deepest level possible, about the purpose of your work, your project, your organization, your product or service powers your activity.

You may have this clarity or a deep abiding trust in your intuition but wish to express it or to bring it to specific ventures or partnerships.  You may be entirely new to working from inside out or from the roots up into the branches. You may be looking for support while in the thick of the process. This can be a tremendously creative undertaking, giving voice to parts of yourself, your visions or activities that have not spoken in words.

Vision and Mission provides a context, richness and depth to any materials you might later generate, whether business plans, artist statements, grant applications or web copy. It also can be a grounding source for your personal presence and interactions as you present your work or represent your organization.

If you are already clear and confident about this, our work together starts with my learning about your or your organization’s established vision and mission.

3. Project Mapping & The Big Paper Brainstorm.

Here we integrate the big picture–vision, values, leadership & goals–with the details and the process.  Project Mapping can range from mapping a web site, a PR kit or artist portfolio to creating a strategic plan to manifest a business or creative idea.  Project mapping can apply to any writing project or any area of your life, art or business that you are looking to transform, upgrade or engage with more deeply.

I facilitate and participate with you in all out, no-idea-too-stupid, dream-big, dream-small brainstorms. This dynamizes the process, waking new possibilities and freeing you from been-there, done-that formats. This is where brilliant guerrilla strategies or innovative visions or marry tried and true presentation or action formulas. The key is to stay with the process and to follow where it leads.

From these brainstorms, we map the project and projects within projects. This establishes a strong foundation for cohesive action steps, realistic timelines and project management.

4. Partners in Ink. Bring together a creative team for a project. Generate, Ink has a network of creative service providers and can create teams for specific projects or refer you to other professionals to meet your needs. These include top quality web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, videographers, web advertising optimizers, strategic marketers, project facilitators and event producers. We even know a rock star contractor and a hatmaker or two.

In addition, Generate, Ink readily collaborates with artists, authors, entrepreneurs, social activists, healing artists, visionaries, non-profit organizations, educational institutions and companies retooling and revising their work in and for these transformational times. We welcome partnership with other creative service providers or the opportunity to join teams to contribute our skills to developing projects. 


By the hour, by assignment, by word, or by a flat fee. Once we know your goals and the work or process involved, we can decide the most effective remuneration option.

Evidence & Artifacts: Clients, Employers & Portfolio samples

Generate, Ink integrates 20 years of GK duBois’ communications work in corporate, entrepreneurial, literary, artistic, healing and educational contexts. Clients and employers include: 

-Boston Magazine
-The Creative Factory, Portland, OR local PR firm
-Prudential Securities, Wall Street Securities Firm
-Simon & Schuster
-World Financial Center
-Simon & Schuster
-Doubleday Publishing
-Solutions Unified, Ecology meets Technology
-Rosanna Scimeca, sculptor,
-Bisan Toron, world class voice coach,
-Michelle Morby, Artist
-Erin Ellen Kelly, Dancer,
-The Gamelatron,
-Barbara Gentille, Photographer & Author
-Ghostwriter for Two Full-length non-fiction books (Non-disclosure agreements.)

***NOTE: NO CLAIMS TO CURRENT CONTENT AT LINKS PROVIDED. For samples of GK’s work please see pdf’s!

Portfolio Samples

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About GK 

GK is a professional and creative writer, creative coach and teacher with experience in the corporate world, small, local enterprise and running his own business. He is a nationally-certified Alexander Technique teacher and chi gong practitioner with a B.A. in Philosophy from Wake Forest and a year of study at Oxford University in England. Geo is well-versed in the healing arts, financial services, travel, sustainable enterprise, creative project management, conscious communication, meditation and ecology.