Path of Poets

Path of Poets is a work of many lifetimes and many authors and many raindrops on hut rooftops in autumn. It is a work that must remain always in progress and which, in each lifetime and in each heart, must be written anew in a unique script. This particular version has it’s origin in a three line sentence– “The Tiger Walks” — that evolves into a question about the origin of sound and letter and perceiver that resolves even as it deepens in a hum of six continuous months of mantra in a forest hut. This Path of Poets explores the rites of passage that may appear in a poet’s path or how experience may be shaped into a continuum of rites. There are “Assignments for Poets” that veer from the most mundane to the most hyperbolic, including challenges of endurance that certainly will fail. There is craft. There is the body of the poet and the body of the poem. There is paper and screens and surfaces including the space of perception on which poems may be written or may emerge. There is the voice of the poet and the sound of the poem and how these are trained. There is the heart of the poet who lives and who must die and the life of the poem and those who are at, at once, audience and the final writers of each poem. Will this particular work be completed? It is a good question.