Scenes from the New York Bardo

Scenes from the New York Bardo has its origins in a downtown coffee shop when Farr Kynrose, after a two hour conversation with Prosper Merimee the Second (aka Two), left to use the restroom and never returned. Two saw Farr enter. When Farr did not reappear for twenty minutes, he went to investigate. The door was unlocked. No one was inside and a tiny window, large enough for a small child to climb through, was open above a toilet marked with dirty footprints. When Two returned to his cafe table, his computer was gone. No one had seen anything as a protest had materialized just across the street, bringing with it legions of sirens and dozens of police cars. Scenes from the New York Bardo is a slow motion firing of a city’s trillions of neurons, a chronicle of circumstance turning into ritual, a serenade to revelation and dystopia and subtle anatomy, a glimpse of a great humility of outrageous art amid a mystery of a stolen dream.