Part 2 to Erin Ellen Kelly’s “Ode to the Witch”


Greenpoint, Brooklyn 2016

Summary: Sugardaddy’s, an Unfinished Work with Choreographer, Dancer, Videographer Erin Ellen Kelly. GK served as crew for Part One “Ode to the Witch” by EEK. Part Two, GK was both crew and performer. Several years later, the location, the venue and the US had greatly changed. For the full work, go to

From EEK’s website:Ode to the Witch is a series of photographs and videos of self designed rituals to investigate and integrate belief systems and aspects of my personal history, artistic practice, and spirituality. This project is situated around a working class strip club in a liminal section of Long Island City and the intimacy of my home, working with the themes of societal vs personal relationships to sex, power, desire and sense of purpose.

“The first phase of this project was conceived of and enacted in 2013 / 2014.  Upon revisiting the location regularly over the subsequent years I felt compelled to continue to working with this location that went from being Gold Fingers/ Infinity to Sugar Daddy’s with a fresh coat of paint in 2016 around the time of Trump’s election. This time working with a friend and white male in reference to expectations around the role of “male provider”. At no point in this process was an audience invited, people did stop to observe and any one that walked through the frame did so on their own accord.”