Action: New Orleans

The Assault Poetry Unit

The Assault Poetry Unit is a project that most likely deeply involved brothers Aaron Taylor and Geoffrey Brice Kuffner. Neither brother has ever done an interview or gone on record to explain the project or their involvement. To the left is Page 41 of Andrei Codrescu (renown author and poet) essay Poetry Is the Currency of the Future, reprinted on page 183-184 in his 2006 book New Orleans, Mon Amour: Twenty Years of Writings from the City. Codrescu was the contributor to NPR’s All Things Considered on July 3, 1997 who reported the story.

 Footnote in answer to Dr. J’s question: Some say the Assault Poetry Unit was a fictional outfit Codrescu made up from an acronym he saw on a marigny bathroom wall in order to argue for his own Disappearance of the Outside. A rogue outfit a la Santa Claus is entertaining and maybe he could make a movie out of it, they say. Others say AHHH Primordial Undulation was the real acronym but these people are idiots. Awake Poets’ Universe, another lucid dreaming society, have made claims. I suspect none of the above are correct.