One Night of Fire, July 14, 2007
Roving Art Revelry

New York City/ The DANGER

SUMMARY: POET. Some events are so miraculous, they seem to have spontaneously sprung from the earth or out of the air. Yet this spontaneous revelry is actually the result of years of confluence, collaboration, friendship, adventure, massive dreaming and production. One Night of Fire was a seminal event for a crew of creators and producers and those who joined the festivities or found themselves suddenly immersed in a brazen, luminous NYC scene. One Night of Fire Flickr Check out the legacy video below.

DAYBREAK POEM FLIER: While my physical body was approximately 3000 miles west of this passionate surge of creative life– which brought over 2000 people into a wild roving brigade of performance, parade and party from the Manhattan Side of the Brooklyn Bridge deep into Brooklyn– I was more “there with you all in spirit” than for any other event in my early days. This seemed a continuation of the legacy and even fuller flowering of the Ransom Corp “Subway Action Parties”– as if those were training events for what was to come years later.  As this event began to bloom under the care of great friends and long-time collaborators, I was asked to compose a poem.  Printed on small red card as a seed flyer. I wrote with Bastille Day in mind and that meeting place of communion with others and the inner fire of bliss. A minor contribution, perhaps– a button on a vest, a kiss blown from afar.

DAYBREAK (in the garden’s night)
                            for NIGHT OF FIRE
                  —-by Awing Peece of Drift 7/14/07

If a blue hummingbird comes at dusk
   and tells you to wear white
      to meet on a bridge
  on the fourteenth day and places
a ripe strawberry in your hands
                       He’s asking you:
Where does your power come from?
From your father, mother, brother, sister, boss, 
president, boyfriend, girlfriend?
Are you a gift,
  a treasure house
    a gathering
      of streams
            a dam
          waiting for an

           Soon you will 
              Find yourself
in the city street electro grid
            of the left
        iris of
            before you–

Liberte Egalite Fraternite

The words are a
 needle of fire
a blaze
moving one eye
to the next
    a parasol 
      of bliss
        a succulence
             on your lips