The Promised Land, Halloween 2008 NYC

A 24 hour Adventure
Pilgrimmage, Arrival, Eternity

SUMMARY: FEATURE PERFORMER, THE PILGRIM DEMON GUIDE. Contacted by The People, I was flown in from Oakland to serve as All Hallows Ritual Guide from the Wilderness of the West Village parade aftermath through the vast wastelands of Manhattan to the chariot of the L-Train. At the meeting point, drums thundered to a silence setting the stage whereby we pilgrims chose to leave our known land behind and venture forth into the night. As we wandered the mystery streets, we encountered enchantments of fire, dancers, shadow and converging bands. The Pilgrim Demon Guide warned the flock of deleterious seductions and beseeched all to carry on, receiving onwards in call and response. Eventually, through trials and tribulations including construction sites and police interlopers, we reached our destination, the sacred L. We flooded the station as our train arrived, destined to bring us in high spirits to the Promised Land, our hopes set on eternity…. Here is the lone photo of the Demon Guide and a taste of Part I: The Pilgrimmage.

The Original Invitation Experience:

There are nights in this city when the air tastes of champagne, when the crowded street is your party and the future burns as bright as the fireworks we light. Halloween in New York City is that lavish avalanche of hedonism that frees the libertine within all of us. You are invited to a three part event that will unfold over an epic twenty four hours.

Welcome to:
The Promised Land

A Twenty Four Hour Adventure of
Myth + Mischief + Masquerade
Made Exquisitely Out-of-Control

Halloween Night
Friday, October 31st

Part I : The Pilgrimage

A street party.   A train party.   A renegade parade.

Experience a liberated waterfront and sincere moments of awe shared between you and two thousand friends. Expect a spark of fire, gifts of liquor, stilt-walking goddesses, South American drum orchestras, inspired costumes, hints of nudity, and kisses from strangers escaping from the shadows of Manhattan to the warehouse of the Promised Land.

We will begin at:
10th Ave. and 13th St. in the Meat Packing District.

This is the last dark/derelict corner of this storied Manhattan neighborhood.

For a map, click here.

One white candle.
A metro-card.
Discreet refreshments.
A healthy disregard for decency.


This events starts at 9:30pm sharp!
We will be moving from the first location quickly.
If you are late, you will miss it.

Price: Absolutely Free.

Part II : The Promised Land

A classic deep-Brooklyn party in a massive 112 year old warehouse of towering steal and brick. *This is a space you haven’t seen before.* Expect the epic.

With twice the sound of previous events the building will erupt with the classic mixology of Justin Carter, The Twilite Tone, Kimyon, Zemi 17, Wolf + Lamb playing elegant house to deep hip-hop to minimal techno.

Plus live music from hip-hop pioneer Melle Mel, The Dolemites, the twenty piece Candombe Carnival Drum Troop; and live acts of fire, feats of fury and circus stunts by, The Lady Circus, Hydrogen Jukebox, Sandhi Ferreira & Vatra, video projections by Sebastian Patane Masuelli and the flying art contraption (yes, you will fly) by Ryan, Iris and Mike Ross of the Madagascar Institute.

Time: 11pm to Sunrise

Price: $20. Come in costume or get spanked by Hilda.

Enter at: 215 Ingraham St., Bushwick, Brooklyn

Take the L train to Jeffereson, walk one block north on Wyckoff to Flushing, then walk two blocks up Gardner to the warehouse. Listen for the music.

The entrance will be obvious.

Part III : Eternity

A cozy after-party with music, brunch and a sauna for the weary. To make it to Eternity, you must earn your way in.


Sunrise through Saturday…


Invites must be earned at the warehouse.

Seek the woman in red.