CAVE GALLERY, Williamsburgh, Brooklyn, NYC 2000

SUMMARY: The Flashlight Gallery @ The CAVE Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC, 2000. The CAVE, home now of LEIMAY, is Williamsburg’s longest running gallery, located in a former car repair shop. For this installation, I transformed the back pit where mechanics used to look under cars into a Gallery within a Gallery. I sectioned off the area using heavy black fabrics strung from the ceiling, creating an expansive darkness and privacy within. Before entering, Gallery goers, two at a time, were given flashlights as a means to explore the interior. The gallery consisted of several mini multimedia exhibits including an active wishing well, miniature sculptures from scrape metal and found objects, recycled flowers by Waste Zero, curated found photos from an Austrian flea market of a family at the zoo in the 1920s, photos of a Catholic Monks travels in China during the 1940s, poetry and a long bamboo scrim that, when rolled upwards using a curtain cord, revealed from feet to head the naked body of a living man. ***NO DOCUMENTATION HAS SURFACED of this immersive gallery experience explored by hundreds. Pics from stock..