The JFK Relays

An Extraordinary Gutsy Patriotic Grueling Race to the Bitter End

JFK Relays, late summer 1997, John F. Kennedy International Terminal, Queens, NY
Well before homeland security, this relay race to the death pitted two priests against two 70s era basketball jocks as played by the Brothers Coelius (Bill and Robby, aka Kass and Schaefer) and the Brothers Kuffner (Geoff and Taylor, aka agent mT and Zemi 17). We mapped a half mile course around the concourse. Mehuman Johnson sang the anthem as spectators gathered then the brothers were off. Water stops were manned by Erin Kelly. Full reporting and interviews, now sadly lost tapes, provided by Christina. Who won, after Schaeffer and Zemi dove and collided at the finish, is still in dispute.