The Sleepers Brigade & The Siesta Manifesto

The Sleepers Brigade is an active cell in the Lucid Dreaming Deep Rest Revolutionary Army (LDDRRA). Members experiement with and gradually master the inner skills and lifestyle architecture that fosters sleep and dream depth, breadth and lucity. The purpose is to harness the restorative and transformative power of sleep for cellular healing on all levels, personal and socially engaged creative inspiration, renewal in waking life, transmission of inner science insight, psychonautic exploration, altruistic acts within illusory realms, rehearsal for transmigration, and, ultimately, ever heightening clarity of one’s being within profound blissful wisdom.

The Siesta Manifesto is a lamp illuminating the creative power of siesta to dispel the dead end psychological and ecological darkness of global commodity agendas grinding up culture dedicatied to creative and wisdom pursuits. The Siesta is one of the greatest inventions of human culture. The Siesta Manifesto is a cultural movement of siesta afficionados built on a five page exclamation point.