Three Medicines, Five Powers

Three Medicines, Five Powers: A Bridge to holistic 21st Century Health is as extraordinary as it is simple. It offers a foundational framework for individuals and society to weave tradtional medicine’s healing mindsets and practices with the innovations of modern medicines. The global pandemic has revealed how essential both are and how we cannot survive let alone thrive into the future without both. But the field of medicine– even traditional medicine– is vast and complex. We can easily get lost in the details, possibilities and ongoing scientific studies while our health and our community health merely treads water or deteriorates looking for silver bullets or some new perfect protocol that fits all.  We also can set up false battles between approaches when we have the greatest opportunity in the history of medicine to integrate the wealth of wisdom from many cultures. Three Medicines is not a self-help manual. It is a map of the territory, an orientation to help set our direction, to manage complexity and to offer basic preparation as we journey further into our lives and this century of great challenges and transformative potential. The fundamental message is to always center ourselves on our foundations, growing stronger and wiser as we live.