Three Uncles Cookbook

For the Love,
Become a Home Bistro Maestro

A work in progress………….

The Three Uncles Cookbook brings three brothers with three very different styles together in the kitchen with one purpose: To guide and inspire their nieces and nephews to become maestros of nutritious, home-cooked, delicious (at the very least, highly edible!) food. 

The Brothers keep it real and keep it simple always with an eye on with making it work for daily life. They build their book like a bistro menu– staple dishes from breakfast to desserts with many variations, easy sides to mix and match and a couple show stopping specials (the kind that waiters speak like poetry at your table when you go out). 

The Brothers cover food shopping, food prep, basic (and sometimes not so basic) cooking tools, basic cooking methods and much more. Yes, there is a cooking for dates chapter in here. And a “going all out” guide– The Brothers have learned that one of the secrets to a great relationship is great cooking. It doesn’t hurt to know how to dance either. Just sayin’.

The Three Uncles– Moo, G & Ace– bring different strengths, backgrounds and flair to this guide. Moo is a classically trained chef who’s run kitchens and knows a thing or two about a thing or two–including how to make the best chimchuri sauce on the planet and how to sharpen your knifes. G is a maestro of one pot wonders, deep nutrition for long term health and hospitality who’s worked in highend NYC restaurants and hosted countless creative dinner parties with his circles of artists and eaters. Ace, a former sommelier, world traveler and lifelong musician, is a master of spice, mango salsa, pairing foods with wine and vegetarian improvisation. 

While it’s designed to outfit the up and coming for a lifetime of delicious and nutritious food, this cookbook is for anyone looking to bring the massively diverse and amazing world of cooking and eating into a life-sized experience. Once you have your own Three Uncles Bistro up and running, you can weave in any cuisine, culinary experiments or seasonal variations you wish.