Green Taxis
1996 – 1999
(Before the Apocalypse)
First edition 2004, revised 2016
by GK duBois

38 pieces. NYC pressing forward at the end of the millennium not taking any time to digest or summarize, just moving on to experiencing and creating the next thing. Green Taxis is dense. It’s a cityscape moving in many directions simultaneously from the Heat of the West Indies parade to the ambulance crashed into the side of an East 6th Street building in the dead of winter. There’s a New Year’s incantation in its heart. And a kaleidoscope of poems, short stories, stories for children, texts used for performances, pieces that can stand alone like “Letters from Flow,” “What is it Like” and “Celebration” which together give a sense of a time, a place, a life inside a moment. The title points to the traveling that’s happening inside the covers (inside Manhattan) and the sense of unknown and action in the New York night. These hum with a vibrancy that recharges with the energy even now of not only that moment in time, but the quickening pulse of the city itself. On a personal note, along with the Cocktail Poems, these are dense extracts, living artifacts, fresh treasures drawn from the city’s breast. 

Downloadable PDF with Excerpts:

Green Taxis: NYC 1996 to 1999 (before the apocalypse)

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