Cadence: Offering Mural

Prince of Bronze, Long Island City, NYC

Cadence Mural Arts Residency & Festival

SUMMARY:  CADENCE: OFFERING mural created as a final piece for the Cadence Indoor Mural Arts Residency and Festival at the Prince of Bronze in Long Island City, NYC 2016. 

This simple piece, inspired by essence mandalas, was the final created for the Festival the day before it commenced. It served as a kind of central talisman and hearth for the event as a whole where a diversity of artists and art forms converged in a spirit of openness and experimentation. At the time, GK had begun practice of the 100,000 offering mandalas practice as part of the traditional ngondro (foundations) practice in many vajrayana Buddhist schools. These offerings practices, with outer, inner, secret and direct forms, have become a source of endless fascination for how they create shifts in perception and relationship. 

Thanks to Chris Jordan aka SeeJ for the assist on painting. Thanks to Barbara Gentile and Hamza for the documentation. The artwork on the foreground pillar is by Kami Shantal. 

For a full documentation of the Cadence Event, produced by GK, visit here