Everything Made Of Sky

Top to Bottom, LIC, NYC 2016

Summary: SKY POEM #1: Everything Made of Sky, Long Island City, NYC 2016 as part of the Arts Org NYC Top to Bottom Mural Project. Original poem by GK, aka dubois DNSF,  the first in the Sky Poem series, handpainted onto concrete and brick while laying over the building cornice.

I conceived this piece while producing the mural project and works of over 60 artists. As part of the role, I was running lifts and did a fair amount of prep work on the building walls– putting my housepainting skills to good work. (Indeed, amazed how MESSY muralists can be compared to regular painters. Had the great pleasure and honor of introducing a couple to the “whip”– a roller cleaning tool!) This sliver of concrete and brick wrapping the building seemed like a place for a scrolling banner ad. At some point, on my way to the site, the lines for the poem flared in my mind–a conversation between lovers. The Sky Poem series was borne. The lift we had on hand long term could not safely reach the spot. Could I paint it upside down while lying on the roof? Let’s give it a shot. Extending over the cornice, I prepped the banner a light blue sky color. A couple days later, I painted the words. The piece ultimately covered a side and a half. I considered carrying on with another poem from that point but left it as sky blue.

That morning
made of sky
The hardpress of avenues
Your hands
My day, a checklist mingling
with a cosmos
We have been in love
since the invention
of gazing at stars
I still whisper
“We, one day, still must part”
And you still reply
“That’s impossible”

duBois, are you ready yet to admit
she is more right than you?