Ecstatic Street Band Celebration

SUMMARY: Honk NYC! Advisory & Planning Board Member 2014 – 2016; Core Production Team & Co-Lead on the Garden Jubilee March; World Maker Faire Liaison and initiator for Honk NYC! multi-year participation. I have a longtime love for street music and marching bands that stretches back to my grade school years rocking on the trumpet. The Hungry March Band was in its formation stages and free-flowing early iterations when the Ransom Corp was hosting large scale events and street actions. HMB was a “secret sonic weapon,” often “spontaneously” showing up to take over a dance floor from the DJ or to lead a march from one place to another or, most famously, as the anchor music for the subway action parties. When I returned to NYC from years in the west, I reconnected with Honk NYC! Executive Director Sara Valentine, taking on formal and informal advisory, planning and production roles. During those years, Honk NYC! furthered its mission, taking steps towards what it is today– a year-round groove machine and project infusing all five boroughs of the city with heart and soul wherever it turns up. While I’ve stepped aside from any formal role, I am always “on-call” to support production and, in general, to spread the word. May music and creativity fill the commons! 

from the Honk NYC! Website:

HONK NYC! brings the tradition of global street band music & spectacle to audiences everywhere — in parks, at clubs, in schools, and especially out in the streets. 

Started at a dinner party in 2007 by members of legendary Brooklyn street ensemble Hungry March Band, HONK NYC! has flourished into a year-round, artist-run organization. HONK NYC! makes events that reclaim, reuse, and redefine public space. We connect communities through music-making, pageantry, audience participation, and education. We celebrate the power and vitality of street performance, and support the artists and musicians who preserve and transform these global traditions.

HONK NYC! is part of the global HONK! United: a network of activist and community-based street bands and spectacle makers, who are redefining popular traditions of brass and percussion music.