Project Consultant & Communications Director, Production Assistant, Performer & Master of Ceremonies as the orchestra grew from one to seven (now over 70 worldwide!) 

ABOUT: A Gamelatron is a sound producing kinetic sculpture presented as site-specific installations, and stand alone art works by Aaron Taylor Kuffner. Gamelatrons are made from bronze and iron instruments derivative of Indonesia’s thousand-year-old sonic tradition Gamelan, retrofitted with mechanical mallets on sculptural mounts & connected to a physical computing system for digital composing.

Aaron Taylor Kuffner, my brother and long-time collaborator and creative ally, is the founder and principle artist behind the Gamelatron. He introduced the first orchestra in 2008. I’ve been involved on three levels:
1. Project and Communications Consultant, 2011 through 2014, as the orchestra became a featured art work at festivals and creative body of work commissioned and presented throughout the world. I wrote newsletters, web copy, grants, fundraised for two remarkable Burning Man features, helped secure it’s first corporate sponsor (TechShop) and helped the Gamelatron find its audiences. Here’s a link to two old Gamelatron newsletters for posterity. Gamelatron Newsletter 1 & Gamelatron Newsletter 2
2. Production Team on installations including two at Burning Man, Further Future, Lightning in a Bottle, the World Financial Center, Horizons at Judson Church, at Sandaram Tagore’s gallery in Singapore, a cafe in Bali and many others.
3. Storyteller and Ritual Facilitator, most notably for the deceased during Roh Ageng.

A highlight in that three year era was going with Taylor to Singapore, Bali and Java– to install two Gamelatrons and to experience directly it’s home cultures. Some pictures from those journeys and a potpourri of others below…


BALI & JAVA, 2013/14