A New Initiative
for Monumental Art &
Creative Culture

Newburgh, NY

SUMMARY:  Project Consultant, Brand Advisor, Project Management & Communications support, June 2021 to May 2022. Savaggi Arts is a bold initiative to bring a world-class fabrication theater and local, creative cultural hub to Newburgh, NY– between DIA Beacon and Storm King Arts Center– in the heart of the Hudson Valley. The site, an historic downtown cinema that showed it’s last film in the 1960s, will soon be home to indoor and outdoor galleries, maker spaces of all kinds and various entrepreneurial and community activities.  I worked on a near daily basis with Founder Rosanna Scimeca as she formed the vision, expressed the mission and moved into strategic action to purchase the building, develop a business plan and a branding vision (with Diana Merkel of PS Design), meet local business owners and government allies, and establish the architectural team led by Andrea Solk currently stewarding the vision. The project has made enormous strides with several phases of renovation ahead to become operational. The goal is a late 2023, early 2024 opening.

Savaggi Arts:
Rosanna Scimeca:
Early Pitch Deck: Savaggi 315 Broadway Newburgh
Diana Merkel, PS.Design: PS.Design
Andrea Solk: LEED Architect