Art Events, Performance, Creative Direction

SUMMARY: 2003- 2017 ACCOMPLICE for the The Danger & You Are So Lucky including Creative Direction, Performance, serving as Ritual Maestro, Maitre D’ and Renegade Emeritus as well as on the Production & Event Team.

After five years of directing the Ransom Corp and intense city life– I left the city at the end of 2000 for a “break” in Colorado. For the next 13 years, I returned to NYC for short stretches until the city again became my base in late 2013. Many collaborators continued creating, birthing and stewarding actions. While I was immersed in the somatic arts and meditation paths during these years, I see these events as beads on a rosary of cultural activity, a pulse of wild creative community and activity continuum. 

The DANGER, founded by William Etundi, Jr, often with DJ Zemi17 who ran a sound system, initiated many events from renegade actions to multivenue parties including “One Night of Fire” which achieved a legendary status among attendees. I had featured roles in a few– see Promised Land below– and played a hand in many when in town, including:

–Creative directing performance for a massive event at the Lunatarium in 2004
–Maitre D’ and Doorman at Third Ward, the Red Lotus, & the “Pirate’s Life” party on the three floor Schamonchi ferry boat
–Head Chef for the NYE Fruit Sushi Experience at the Pussycat Lounge;
–Ritual and meditation maestro for multiple events at the Loft at 135 Jay street in DUMBO;
–Improv accomplice for afterhours pop ups at the Pencil Factory;
–Poet seedsmithing for large scale parade revelry (One Night of Fire);

YOU ARE SO LUCKY series at Alder Manor in Yonkers. In 2015, Will, along with Kevin Baltick, initiated YRSL, a multiyear series of epic events at a gilded age manor house north of NYC. For the first two in the series, I served as “Ritual Performance Director,” co-architecting and integrating a storyline into the massive event structure while subproducing, casting, directing and performing as a ritual troupe. Here’s a record: