Inside TV

Channels, Currents, Pixels

Inside TV: Channels, Currents, Pixels, 1999-2002. Acrylic, paint pens, ink on wood and paper. Many in this series are not collected here but remain at large in the world or long since decomposed.

These grew out of a confluence of studies, experiences and circumstances. As for the former, investigations into the origins of alphabets, the interpenetrations of dreams and waking life, movement of an ekg line and deKoonings later work. As for the latter, the heightened awareness and open mind space of a reprieve from New York City on an extended sojourn to Firenze, Italy. Long walks in a town built with a different mind and early bedtimes proved fertile conditions for creative alchemizing. Within each pixel, another universe… I later discovered the notion of the fractal and hologramic universe as well as Mahayana Buddhist cosmology. With the explosion of digital tech and art, we are living more and more within these notions, our habitat and conscious experience more clearly a lucid dream arising within creative potency. What we make of this is a whole other question.