SUMMARY: Culinary Accomplice for the Maybe Performance Restaurant Box Truck as part of the Lost Horizons Night Market, produced by the maestros of Shadow Traffic who steward this long-running affair. The Lost Horizons Night Market has a mythic, medieval industrial quality, appearing at irregular intervals as if arising from a seasonal mist or Star Trek teleporter. A time and street is chosen for its relative emptiness and desolate location. Creative teams are invited to transform box trucks of various sizes however they wish into interactive “market” hubs. The result: Adventurous guests to barren city corners discover a pop up of dozens of trucks cum theaters, mini museums, restaurants, strange therapy rooms, concert halls, bowling alleys, destruction zones and so on.

The Maybe Restaurant involved blindfolds, unknown questionable food combinations, a “trust taste”, a less than trustworthy chef and his lovely sous chef and a cast of n’er do wells intimately feeding waves of diners far into the night.  A delectable, high-spirited evening of culinary maybe-delights … pic of the scene below…

Shadow Traffic: 
The Lost Horizon Night Market 2018:
A Scene from Maybe Restaurant: