The Blindfolded Dinner Parties
Sensory Deprivation Dining 

NYC and points beyond

Sensory Deprivation Dinner Party Series. The First Blindfolded Dinner Party is the only one with documentation. These dinners were experiments in sensory deprivation, community communication and culinary service. The first, held in a Lower East Side apartment included six dinners all invited to bring a plus one. All were blindfolded before entering the room until the final exit. In many cases, people who’d never met never saw each other yet shared in this intimate meal and settings. JJL aka Loud, Zemi17 and agent mT, each with dining and sommelier experience, served as chefs, waitstaff and feeders, bringing bites of food and sips of wine to the dinner lips. A four course meal was offered which eventually unwound into a relaxed aftermath of continued heightened sensation. The second Blindfolded dinner was a couple years later at the 23 Windows loft in Bushwick Brooklyn, A much larger table sat 20 guests, all blindfolded before entering the loft. This night included a memorable wandreing blind soliloquey by the noble Reverend Billy and resulted, years later, in participants re-meeting for the first time with their eyes. A profound and joyous occassion. Other dinners in the series included silent/mute and, to the degree possible, absence of smell.