Founded by Ransom Corp members in 2001, 23 Windows in Bushwisk continued long beyond the Ransom Corp as a collective creative base for artmaking, performance and community. Stewarded for 15 years by Dok Gregory of Amoeba Technology and Plan 23, 23 Windows ended it’s long run in late 2018.


23 Windows, 2001-2003

In February of 2001, a few months after returning from the Sky Plots Tour, the Ransom Corp., anchored the founding of a collective art studio called 23 Windows on the the top floor of an old 19th Century beer factory in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

23 Windows has served first and foremost as a collective home, a nurturing headquarters, for individuals and groups to share studio space and equipment for the purpose of devising, rehearsing and creating innovative works of art.

As a performance venue, 23 Windows has been the site for an array of new works: video screenings, experimental electronic music concerts, fashion shows, parties and multimedia installations. 23 Windows has also served as a host to national and international artists, individuals we wished to collaborate with, learn from and support.

Noted Hosted Workshops, performances and events, Feb 2001 – Jan 2004

Carlos Rene Mendez, from the renowned Colombian group teatro de los Sentidos, conducted two sensorial workshops.
Atsushi Takenouchi, two butoh workshops
Two Native American sand painting ceremonies.
Mood Kino, a monthly gathering featuring screenings of local artists work and special experimental films.
O.U.J. (open urban jam). Every Monday in the fall of 2001, we hosted an open platform night of improvisation and collaboration between dancers and musicians offering vegan soup, chai tea, spontaneous rituals and chants.
Benefit for the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) in response to the bombing of Afghanistan.
Augenblick, directed by John Sullivan, an experimental theater work.
O.V.M. (Organic Video Movement), video installation festival.
Butoh Performances by Veda, Hiroko Ishimura, and Atsushi Takenouchi
Poetry readings by agent mT
Audio presentations by Sean Clute, a graduate of the Experimental Music department at Mills college, Eva Sjuve (Sw), K.kuts (Fr), GO@OS(N), Flowershop (SF), Mononom (N), S.P.A.Z. (Berkeley), Switchcraft Records (SF), Renegade Virus and Havoc Sound System.

We were also known to invite unsuspecting guest to mysterious sense deprived performance dinners, namely the Blindfolded, Deaf Mute and Quadraplegic dinner parties.

Noted Past Residents 2001 through 2003 included
Kathi von Koerber, Dancer and media artist
Zemi17, Sound and media artistically
Disney Nasa Borg, Mixed media web & digital and studio artistically
Havoc Sound, Free Techno Sound System
Amoeba Technology, Electronic Sound and Video Pioneers
Kirk Peterkin, Media Artist, Sound Designer, Programmer
Waste 07 (formerly Waste Zero), Recycle Artist and Sculptor
Jason Cohen, Abstract Painter
Lincoln Mayne, Fashion, Costume, and Studio Designer
Monika Weiss, Sculptor and Performance artist
Martin Ocote, Saxophonist for Antibalaas and Super Adobe pioneer
Leili Gueranfar, Electronic media producer
Devin Burnum, Playwright, Director for Black Water Theater group
Fay Serifica, Fashion Designer, DJ and production source
Steven Coggle, Abstract Modern Primitive Painter
Spacecraft1, Hip Hop artist and painter
Veda, post-butoh dance group
Melissa Gorman, aka Atari 2000, Designer, hip hop DJ
Evelyna Dann, Modern Dancer